4 – Smoke & Mirrors – Food Edition

This is the first installation of a series Troy and Seamus want to do called Smoke and Mirrors. Occasionally we will discuss ways we trick the kids into compliance through various acts of smoke and mirrors. As any parent knows, it is sometimes more about presentation and mindset than anything else. In this edition, we are talking about food. We share some of the tricks we use to get our kids to eat certain tough food and drink.

What are some of your tricks to get your kids to eat what is put in front of them? Can you pass a bratwurst off as a hot dog? Share below in the comments.

And for any brave souls who want to try the Peanut Butter Soup recipe, Seamus’ mom sent it to me. You can get the cookbook here. In fairness to Mable Hoffman, Momma Nelson made some great meals out of this book. The PBS just wasn’t one of them.

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3 – Expectant Dad, an interview with Allen Wallace

This is a fun episode – it is the first time we’ve interviewed a guest for the show. Allen Wallace is an officer with the U.S. Army and he and his wife are expecting a baby. In this conversation, we talk about his experience so far in his wife’s pregnancy. You’ll get to hear him talk about how he found out they were expecting, how he navigates a pregnant woman, learning the sex of the baby and how to announce it, a unique use for toilet paper, cravings, the list goes on.

Because we know y’all are wondering, Allen and Josie announced they are expecting a baby girl at their wedding.

*production note* We learned several things about recording three people at the same time. We ran into some microphone SNAFU. The audio isn’t perfect, but you can hear Allen very clearly, which is the importnat part.

2 – Dadding From a Distance

Seamus here: Troy and I have both had to spend time away from family. Troy travels on a regular basis for his work as a Realtor, but also for volunteer work with his Fraternity. I also travel frequently, mostly for my work as a Navy Reservist. In this episode, we talk about the similarities and differences between our experience in dadding from a distance. These will range from a long weekend to a 13-month deployment. Even an over nighter can present its challenges.


As promised: Here’s a link to that bottle sterilizer we mentioned, Dr. Brown’s makes some fancier ones if you’re feeling inspired to spend more money, but this one has worked like a champ*.

*It does not work like a champ if you don’t follow directions. This sterilizer uses the microwave – you’re only supposed to nuke it for 5 minutes. I accidentally hit an extra 0 and walked away, so I cooked these bad boys in the microwave for 50 minutes. That’s what I was talking about when I said I wrecked $50 worth of bottles and equipment. Pictures below.

This is what it looks like when you microwave it for 10x the prescribed amount of time.

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1 – The Birth of a Podcast

This is the first full episode we are releasing, which we are considering the birth of a podcast. We are very proud of our baby and, like most parents, think it is far more beautiful than it probably actually is. In this episode, Troy and I talk about the childbirth experience from our perspective as Dads. WAY different than a mom’s perspective.   Please be sure to subscribe to our podcast so we think you think its beautiful too. We have more episodes to come!

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Just the beginning.



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Listen Notes

This is a teaser episode. Its just a few minutes to give you an idea of who we are, what we want to talk about on this podcast, and why you should listen (and subscribe). This is just the beginning, we are excited about what is coming up, and look forward to learning what you want to hear about. Be sure to follow us on Instagram too: @YourDadsPodcast.