23 – Kids and Pets

According the the American Pet Products Association, 84.6 million homes, or 68% of all households in the U.S. have pets. Troy and Seamus have been part of that statistic. Listen to this episode to learn about how they have blended pet parenting with kid parenting. Parenting can be challenging enough – adding a dog in the mix can make it that much more of a project.

22 – Double Teenage Daughters, an interview with Jay Acker

Troy and Seamus sit down with Jay Acker, who has two daughters – one in high school and one in college – and as Troy points out, this is Seamus in about 15 years. The discussion covers all kinds of things that are specific to raising girls, but also covers some of the general things about raising teenagers.

21 – Eating Out With Kids

Remember when you could go to dinner and just eat? Enjoy the company of your spouse? Enjoy the warmth of the food? Us either. Troy and Seamus talk about some of the things we do to get through parenting. In a restaurant. In public.

Side note: We owe you a link to the No Wait app, but since we have recoded this episode, they appear to have partnered with Yelp. You can still open No Wait, but it just tells you to go to Yelp – but you can still get in line, so its all good.

Also: Happy New Year!

19 – Smoke & Mirrors – Christmas Edition

As much fun as the Christmas season can be, it is also loaded with trickery and fibs. Why not use those tricks and fibs to gain some compliance with our kids? Troy and Seamus share some of the things we do that keep our kids in line during the holidays. But not all of them are just to get them to behave. Some are for the spirit of the time of year, to step up the fun a little.

Fun story about this episode: We recorded it about a year ago, so we’ve had it on standby for a while. Seamus handles the website and when he tried to upload the first episode, he accidentally put this one up first.  So if anyone was very quick to listen, this episode was up for about three hours back in March.

Seamus here with a bonus smoke and mirrors trick: We recently caught one of our kids in a lie. Without getting into the details, she really leaned into it. She was super committed to the lie. So Mary reminded her about the “Santa Cam” and asked what Santa would say if we were to call him. She did NOT want us to call Santa and finally came out with the real story.

17 – Halloween

This is the very first episode we ever recorded. We just weren’t ready to launch it right away, so we decided to save it for now. It was recorded the day after halloween, and we were reflecting on the trick or treating experience of our kids, parental andy rights philosophy and more.

You’ll also hear mention of the original name we were going to use for the podcast, “Socks and Sandals” (which explains the cover photo on the website and the podcast apps).