Your Dads is a podcast brought to you by Troy and Seamus. We basically met because our (now) wives work together as elementary school teachers. Over the years, we have become good friends. One day, probably over a beer, we realized we were both interested in starting a podcast. We both listen to a lot of them, and both feel like we could do it. We tossed around a lot of ideas – personal finance, boats, beers, etc. Then we landed on being dads. We are both dads, and we both feel like there is not enough dad content out there. There are lots of Mommy Blogs, Mom Podcasts, Mom Groups, Mom Stroller Clubs, etc. We don’t know that we’re ready to kick off a Dad Stroller Club, but we are ready to tackle a podcast (subscribe on iTunes!) and an Instagram account (follow us: @YourDadsPodcast).

There are millions of ways to be a dad. We don’t know all of them. Between us, we are figuring out two of those ways. This podcast is supposed to be perspective, not prescriptive. Be sure to subscribe and send us notes from the contact page. We want to hear from you. What do you love and hate about us? What works for you as a dad? What has completely failed for you as a dad? Moms – we’d love to hear from you too.