8 – Road Tripping

If you’re not flying somewhere with your kids this summer, theres a good chance you’re packing them into the car for a drive that’s at least moderately long. In this episode, Troy and Seamus talk about their road tripping experiences with kids along with some tricks that make the drive (a little) more tolerable.

One thought on “8 – Road Tripping

  1. I loved “Road Tripping” with you boys! Those trips from California-to-Texas-to-New York-back-to-California especially were something else! Remember your high-tech devices were view masters? (For those of you who don’t know what a view master is: https://www.amazon.com/View-Master-2036-Boxed-Set/dp/B00F3WDGA6
    By the mid 90s, we let you and Ian share a gameboy! Every other hour! Glad you remember the side excursions: Grand Canyon, “hiking” in the desert, the alligator farm in Louisiana, visiting along-the-way friends, Mount Irenaeus, spending the night at a convent, etc. Letting kids run off their energy at the end of the day is indeed a key component … pools are great … with X number of laps before any playing!
    And, it’s true what Trace Adkins says … You’re Gonna Miss This!
    Love You!


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