7 – “Dad, I’m Gay”, an interview with JJ Gorena

June is LGBTQ Pride Month. We had the opportunity to interview JJ Gorena, a good friend of Troy’s. JJ’s son is gay, and JJ talks about how his son came out and how that has been for him as a father. We talk about school, extra curricular activities, dating, and more.

JJ is a real estate agent like Troy and also does a radio show with one of his colleagues. He recently had Troy on the show to talk about the podcast. Check it out:

Side note: Mary has asked me to clarify that all of the frames on the wall in the house now have family photos, no more frames with stock photos in them.

One thought on “7 – “Dad, I’m Gay”, an interview with JJ Gorena

  1. This episode reminded me of a friend in HS … back in the 70s. There was one student, Billy, who everyone assumed was gay. He was bullied, shunned, scorned, and detested unmercifully.
    Fast forward to the 40th HS reunion pre-gathering on Facebook last summer. Billy (who was an early AIDS victim) came up in memory sharing. A photo of him was posted. You could almost feel a collective cringe … feelings of guilt … a sense of haunt. At 58 we understood that Billy was a human being, worthy of existence, someone with gifts for the world. 40 years later, the bullying felt vicious and empty.
    Interesting show.
    Sorry you don’t like my aol address Troy!
    Mary’s family photos are GREAT!!


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