Bonus Mother’s Day Episode

While there is no denying that we, (Troy and Seamus) are fathers, there is a critical person that helped get us to that status. For us, that is our wives, Danika and Mary. For other dads, that might also be a wife, a baby’s momma, an ex, or a mother that has never even been met. Regardless, all children came from a mother, and we want to take some time to talk about a couple important mothers in our lives. This is an extra episode we are releasing and have another one coming out in a few days.

Big thanks to all the mothers out there. We hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Danika and Troy


Seamus and Mary

One thought on “Bonus Mother’s Day Episode

  1. Great Podcast!!!! Seamus – I remember you talking about wanting a wife who would be a good role model for any daughters you might have … before you even met Mary!! You made a GREAT choice! Thanks for the sweet words. I LOVE being your Mammy!!!!!
    Troy – Love the 1$ Mom Cookie story!
    And … in case anyone is interested in the Camino de Santiago de Compostela journey across Spain, here’s a link to the online journal (blog) we kept:


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