4 – Smoke & Mirrors – Food Edition

This is the first installation of a series Troy and Seamus want to do called Smoke and Mirrors. Occasionally we will discuss ways we trick the kids into compliance through various acts of smoke and mirrors. As any parent knows, it is sometimes more about presentation and mindset than anything else. In this edition, we are talking about food. We share some of the tricks we use to get our kids to eat certain tough food and drink.

What are some of your tricks to get your kids to eat what is put in front of them? Can you pass a bratwurst off as a hot dog? Share below in the comments.

And for any brave souls who want to try the Peanut Butter Soup recipe, Seamus’ mom sent it to me. You can get the cookbook here. In fairness to Mable Hoffman, Momma Nelson made some great meals out of this book. The PBS just wasn’t one of them.

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2 thoughts on “4 – Smoke & Mirrors – Food Edition

  1. Great show!!!!
    And … about that “Peanut Soup” … I think it was 1997 and we had just moved from Italy to Rhode Island. I’m guessing it was the chillier temperatures that inspired me to go through the soup section of a favorite cookbook and make each recipe. When I got to “Georgia Peanut Soup,” I was a bit suspicious, but decided to have an open mind and made it anyways. It was revolting. I think I had half a spoonful. There is a big X through that recipe now! Sorry Seamus!!! Thanks for trying to compliment me by going for seconds! I’m surprised you didn’t throw up!!!! 🤢
    For those who like peanuts, however, the cookbook (which by the way has mostly delicious recipes!) can be found here (page 109):
    Mabel Hoffman’s Crockery Cookery


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